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Our purpose is to fight malware and discover new menaces as they come up.
We build security tools in order to analyze and accelerate the malicious code discovery inside network environments.


Cyberspace surveillance

Via our software H. A. T. E., we are able to monitor and analyze the whole network space and his services, giving to our client reports and solutions to mitigate the security problems we found.

Penetration testing

We can perform deep penetration tests and analyze the found vulnerabilities on internal or external services exposed by the clients.

Vulnerability assessment

We can perform software analysis or bug hunting on client's applications, signing via NDA the analysis process of their source code.

Malware analysis

TESTOODO gives services of malware analysis and reverse engineering of binary code or bytecode.

H. A. T. E.

Honeypot-powered Analysis Threat Engine

H.A.T.E. is a cyberspace surveillance system.

Using high-interaction honeypot technologies with steroids, it is able to track all incoming attacks and analyze them in real time.

H. A. T. E. real time system monitoring

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